Embrionic Stem Cell Research 31/10/2006

Embrionic Stem Cell Reasearch



Religious hypocrits who oppose stem cell research annoy the hell out of me.

They had a woman who had an embryo transplant… so she had someone else’s baby for herself because she couldnt have her own saying she was against stem cell research because it takes a human life and is playing god.

If she’s against playing god, she shouldnt have children that arent her own. God didn’t allow her to have children herself.

Ignorant hypocrite.

Embryos in tubes ARE NOT LIVES! They cannot survive unless they are transplanted into a womb.

These people dont beliebe in destroying an embryo for medical research. So they’d prefer that all those embryos that dont get used just get thrown out. Wasted. Destroyed anyway for no benefit.

It’s disgusting.

Keep your religion out of science. It has no place there.



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