Repercussions of Intelligent Design in Science Class 5/5/2010

Repercussions of Intelligent Design in Science Class



Introducing Creationist/Intelligent Design into Science as a serious opposing theory to Evolution is not only ludicrous, it is dangerous.

Intelligent Design is NOT a science. There is NO scientific evidence that supports this “theory” and it has not been tested by Scientific methods because there’s NOTHING TO TEST!
Something that has not been explained yet by evolution is NOT evidence of design.
Furthermore, teaching children that this is a SERIOUS contender (which the scientific community is almost unanimous in denying) undermines ALL areas of science.
If you damage the teaching and understanding of science and the scientific method, you damage EVERYTHING your society stands for.
How will your technology, medicine, research advance if you have crippled the very idea of the scientific method? Your bible does NOT teach you how to practice medicine or surgery. It does not provide information on how to perform a rigorous and unbiased experiment and how to interpret results, it does not teach you rational thinking skills.
To support this in your schools is to destroy science, and your country’s future.
If you want to live in a theocracy where the rule of religion is above all else and knowledge is shunned, there are plenty of backward countries out there for you to emigrate to.
Do not turn a large economic and military power into a primitive, dogmatic state.



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