The Problem with Creationists 3/5/2010

The Problem with Creationists



The main problem with Creationist thinking is that they try to discredit atheists by telling atheists what they believe. This is, of course, ridiculous as the atheist has a better understanding of their own beliefs than anyone else.

The other problem is they delve into science to disprove things without having a fundamental understanding of the science they are attempting to disprove. Because you do not understand something does not make it incorrect.
Science works on finding evidence for things and making deductions based on that evidence, it does not come up with an idea then tie things together to make it work.
Creationists throw out gaps in knowledge as though that proves science is somehow wrong. If I ask you to name everyone in your class and you don’t know the name of two people in it, that does not mean that you don’t know the name of ANYONE in the class. It only means you don’t know those two people.
Furthermore, if you get a name wrong, and someone you identified and “Cindi” is actually “Sally”, this does not prove the rest of the names were also wrong either, it just means you adjust that single piece of information.
Rational thinking is a VITAL part of science, and it is something sorely lacking in many creationists. JUST because it is written down does not make it TRUE. This applies to science as much as it applies to anything else.
The difference is that science tells you WHY it’s true, with evidence that you can examine yourself and prove by doing it yourself.
Religion expects you believe without proof.
Irreducible Complexity: Just because you cannot conceive how something works or could have formed does not mean it is impossible. It means you lack understanding and probably some information to come to an educated conclusion.
Looking at creationist videos, they throw out alot of figures and statistics from science that supposedly don’t add up. But you won’t see them saying where they got those figures from. Usually because they are NOT from a scientifically credible, peer reviewed source.
This goes for science as well as religion; Just because someone has statistics doesn’t make them true. You need to know WHERE AND HOW they came by those figures.
There are many creationist “educators” out there that claim to be scientists, yet when you ask them a simple high school grade biology question, they don’t know the answer.
If they don’t know the difference between chomosomes, genomes and genes, then they know NOTHING about DNA.
If they don’t know anything about Meiosis and Mitosis, then they know nothing about cells.
If they claim “Darwinism” is used to explain the evolution of chemical reactions or the formation of matter, then they don’t know the first thing about evolution or physics or chemistry.
And if they can be so wrong about all those things, what exactly do they know about science?
Think. Rationalise. Question. Don’t just accept answers.



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