Tony Abbott: The Best Friend Terrorism Has Ever Had (In Australia)

There were a bunch of issues that are pretty important that I didn’t touch on yesterday, mainly around terrorism, totalitarianism, social harmony and the like that are pretty important at the moment, but I think they warrant their own post. So here it is!

Our Glorious Leader, Tony Abbott is a fan of policies that are alarmingly close to totalitarian in nature. He wishes to legislate for citizenship to be revoked at ministerial discretion. Not even the courts. He wants to essentially be given the authority (through one of his minsters) to revoke the citizenship of Australians. This should set of alarm bells in anyone’s head. This isn’t making our nation safer, this is denying the right of people to citizenship in the country they are born and also an attempt, as is usual for this government to shunt responsibility of problems onto other people.

You know who had his citizenship revoked? Osama bin Laden. It meant that he had nowhere to run, sure, he was stateless. So what did he do? He built an army. He fortified his position. He cemented his control. He died. His army did not. It now controls a significant portion of land and is causing a great deal of strife in the Middle East. Well done. That went well.

Now, of course not every terrorist or militant is bin Laden. But if you revoke their citizenship, even if they have a change of heart, they have nowhere to go. So they stay. They fight. They promote a cause like ISIL because what else is there?

In other words, revoking citizenship is a great way to perpetuate terrorism. It also doesn’t work as a deterrent. So that’s the first point. Tony Abbott is trying to legislate to encourage terrorism while also attempting to strip the rights of Australians on his whim. Totalitarianism.

Second, Tony Abbott is hostile towards Australia’s peaceful, law abiding Muslim community. He encourages an “Us vs Them” mentality with his rhetoric, he accuses the Muslim community of not being serious about peaceful coexistence. He treats them as something other than citizens.

As a result, the Muslim community leaders have expressed concerns that everyone in the community is too afraid to be associated with extremists or people at risk of being influenced by extremists, for fear they will be caught up in the repercussions themselves. They’re too scared to actually interact with vulnerable community members because their own families will suffer if they do. So that means that when ISIL comes around to disenfranchised youth in the community, who feel unwelcome in the Australian community, the muslim community also steers clear out of fear. So ISIL gains some more recruits because of Abbott’s fear mongering.

Of course, it’s not just people raised in Muslim cultural traditions that are targeted by ISIL, other troubled youth are targeted too. Abbott has exacerbated that by cutting support services. Abbott makes it easier for ISIL to recruit the vulnerable. No services to help support the vulnerable in the community and the muslim community is too intimidated by the government to get in the way. Couldn’t ask for better conditions as a recruiter, could you?

Then we have the legislation around refugees. Many are coming from places affected by terrorism or oppression. Abbott’s response? Send them back or send them somewhere else. Refugees is someone else’s problem.

But worse than that. They have outsourced them and deliberately made the refugee centres as hostile, harmful, degrading and humiliating as possible. Refugees are killed, injured, left without medical attention, not given supplies they need and even sexually assaulted by staff. Abbott’s response? Jail anyone who reports on the conditions, be they refugee advocate, staff or attending medical practitioner. This is more totalitarian behaviour that should have Australians very nervous. It is not dissimilar to the plight of Jewish refugees just before the second world war broke out. So when I liken Abbott to Hitler, I do not make the comparison lightly.

Our government is a genuine threat to world security and liberty, and as a democratic society, we should not tolerate this sort of behaviour. It would help if “leader of the opposition” Bill Shorten had a backbone, but he’s all too eager to do whatever the Glorious Leader says if he screams “national security” loudly first.

Personally I think Abbott, Morrison and Dutton should all be tried in an international court. But I’m no lawyer.


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