Dev Journal – Week 5

This week we had to show off our Alpha. We had our core features ready, but not the feedback mechanisms we wanted to have in at this point. As a result, we’re currently focusing on getting the feedback mechanisms and recipe book implemented for our game before moving onto our Beta goals. If we can get this done by the end of the week, we can move onto our Beta goals, which should not be as difficult.

The artists are focusing on 2D assets at the moment.
The programmer is working hard on the final systems for alpha and fixing the bugs that I find during testing.

We got a few people to test our game on Friday, not enough for really significant feedback, but what we did indicates what we already knew- we need those feedback mechanics!


Dev Journal – Week 4

A comparatively quiet week this week. The start of production means the team has been working on the prototype. The programmer has been trying to solve some of the difficulties with making the core mechanics work and is pretty confident he’ll get it done early in the next week.


The artists have been making good progress on the assets, while I’ve been tweaking some names to inject the right level of humour as well as helping the programmer by inputting the ingredients and potions into engine so that when he solves his problems we can start testing immediately. Other than that I’ve been wearing my producer’s hat, helping iron out minor details and some of the planning for this and future milestones.


All in all, smooth sailing, here’s hoping the next week goes just as well!

Dev Journal – Week 3

This week was a very busy week. We had to redo our pitch, which went a lot better, demonstrate the feasibility of our prototype and finish all the documentation ¬†for assessment. “Finish” is’t exactly the right term for the GDD, since it will continue to change as development continues. It was a stressful week, but successful.


The biggest thing we realised this week is that incremental small changes creep up on you and suddenly you realise that something you had settled and agreed on early on is not going to work and you’ll need to reassess that issue. This is what we spent the latter half of Friday doing. We revisited several early decisions to assess their current viability as the scope of the project evolved. Next week we’re onto production, so we’ll be doing a lot of testing of some of these decisions very soon.

Dev Journal: Week 2

This week mostly revolved around presentation preparation and some clarification on documentation.


The team spent most of our time together clarifying any vague aspects of our plan and filling in the gaps. In consultation with my team, I drew up a budget and schedule for development once we decided what tasks had to be completed in which milestones. We’ve planned our schedule with as many contingency plans as we can manage, with some stretch goals if we can fit them in. We plan to make the project as scaleable as we can to ensure we can complete it.

The artists have been completing the art bible and producing concept art, while the programmer has been working on some main interface menu prototypes and technical documentation. I’m still working on the GDD.


We gave our presentation on Friday, but need to demonstrate our core mechanic is viable with a paper prototype, so currently myself and the programmer are working out a few variations to try with the intention of showing a working prototype on Wednesday.


I am confident we will be able to demonstrate our idea is viable.