Dev Diary – Week 9

And that’s a wrap!


This last week has been very stressful. We were very behind and I realised we made a few mistakes with time management.

Completing our last important mechanic took much longer than expected, but it was too important to leave out if we wanted the game to do better than just work. It is finished, and we have something we are happy to present.

My week was spent working with the programmer to find solutions to problems where time restraints meant we’d need to compromise, as well as ensuring important features such as menus and a basic “how to play” page were not forgotten.

The artists were both working on polishing and finalising assets, decorating the scene and adding last minute UI elements. It’s been a stressful few days, but we are happy with the results.

We intend to keep working on the game after this project, as we have many ideas to improve it. We’ve come up with some solutions to problems we’ve had today that we don’t have time to implement, but will improve the gameplay significantly in the future.


Dev Journal – Week 8

This week did not go exactly as planned.

Our programmer had a lot of problems getting the last core feature to work. but it’s too important to leave out. It was finally implemented on Sunday. This puts us further behind schedule than we wanted to be, but we had plenty to polish during the week.

The artists have been working on set dressing and UI polish. I’ve been working with the programmer to polish up everything else and help solve problems as they arose with the core mechanics.

It’s been a busy week, but doesn’t feel like we have much to show for it. We’ve all agreed that the version we present on Friday will not be the final version, there’s more features and polish we want to add to the game, but it wasn’t feasible in the time frame we had.

Wednesday is the last day we’ll be adding anything to the game, after that it’s just polish and presenting. We hope to have a fully functional game with enough balance to be enjoyable. I’m happy with what we have made, but think it still needs fine tuning. It has the potential to be a good game.

Dev Journal – Week 7

This week was the final week for beta. We tried to have all our features in the game, but didn’t finish them all in time. One of the challenges of programming is that you get a lot of unexpected problems and bugs when creating new features. We had plenty of those. Hopefully all will be finished before Thursday.


While our programmer worked on implementing our orders and shop systems, I was reiterating the orders so that there could be a more random element, allowing for more options and hopefully give players more to work for.

Our artists have been polishing assets and adding some background items to fill out the scene. It’s looking really good now.

The final stretch is all about polishing and making sure we create the experience we’re after.

Dev Journal – Week 6

This week we fully completed everything we wanted in our alpha. Our programmer worked hard over our days off to put in the missing features and it really paid off.

Since then, I’ve been mostly bug testing and getting some feedback tests from players. We would likely benefit from a tutorial, which I might put together this week if I have time. Some of our bugs have been fairly elusive, seeming to be fixed, then reappearing during a test. It’s a bit frustrating. Fortunately, most of them have been easy to fix.

We also ported to Android for the first time! It looks great, a few UI tweaks needed, but we were prepared for that. We’re actively looking into getting a testing device this week purely for testing builds on.

This week is devoted to adding some new features that will add some more dynamic elements to gameplay. If we can’t get it done in time, we may have to scrap the extra features and polish what we do have. Either way, it’s going to be a very busy week for me and the programmer, tweaking systems and getting them working for Friday.

Our artists have been working on 2D assets- potions, some updated ingredients and UI elements. The game is looking great now, we’ve been getting compliments on the look of the game.